Setting Values-Based Goals for 2022: An On-Demand Workshop for Introverts

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What do you want 2022 to look like?

It’s more important than ever to intentionally create the year you want to experience, and this workshop will help you identify your core values and then set meaningful goals that are aligned with those values. 

It can also help you carve out the time to reflect on what you’ve learned during another challenging year, decide what you want this new year to look like, and set the boundaries required to make that happen.

What have you discovered about yourself, about how you work best, and about what you need to be the best version of yourself? How can you use these lessons to define what you want post-pandemic life to look like?

During this on-demand workshop, I’ll show you exactly how to do this with my proven process. You’ll set goals that are aligned with your values, and develop an achievable action plan that you can implement right away.

By the end, you’ll have meaningful goals for 2022, and also be very clear on…


If you’re anything like me, during the past two years you may have discovered how much you love working fully remote, staying home a lot more, and doing a lot less.

You may have developed new routines and self-care practices that you love, and you’re starting to wonder how you can keep these up if/when you return to the office or your social calendar begins to fill up again.

We’re entering into a new chapter of our lives, and it’s time to begin purposefully writing it instead of simply letting life happen to us again.

Join me for this 90-minute workshop, created specifically for introverts, to:

  • Look back on what you’ve learned throughout the pandemic, and use these lessons to begin intentionally creating your new “normal”
  • Set goals for 2022 that are based on your values, using my unique and proven process

Develop an achievable action plan that you can implement right away, along with strategies to keep your goals top of mind

 This is for you if:

  • You’re an introvert (or an ambivert) and want to use what you learned last year to intentionally design your life going forward
  • You’re interested in identifying your core values and understanding how they impact your life, every day
  • You want to create a greater level of clarity for what you want this year to look like
  • You know boundaries are important, but have a hard time setting them and asking for what you need
  • You’d like to set goals you’ll actually achieve, instead of setting and forgetting them

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Value + Values-Based Goals

The values-based goal-setting process I’ll be guiding you through is the same one I use every year to set (and achieve) my goals, and I guide every one of my clients through this process when we begin working together as well.

The actual value of this workshop is $197, but I’m offering it to you for just $149 because I don’t want anything, especially cost, to keep you from emerging from these uncertain times feeling stronger, more equipped, and more confident than ever.

What’s Included

After you purchase, you’ll receive an exercise to identify your top 10 core values. The goal-setting process I’ll be leading you through is based on these values, and it’s the same process that I use every year to set (and achieve!) my own goals.

You’ll also receive a worksheet and the workshop video. Just download these three files and then you’re ready to start in on the values exercise and go through the workshop at your convenience and your own pace—no Zoom fatigue.

Ready to get started? Just click here (or below) to purchase. 

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What Past Attendees Are Saying

– Katy Abramson, Senior Designer at BlackLine

I wholeheartedly recommend Shannon’s goal-setting workshop! I came away with so much. I went in with zero experience setting goals (and some fear) and walked out with not only several strong goals for 2019, but also the ability to set my own goals moving forward. This is HUGE for me, and I’ve already worked the process with a couple of new goals, since the workshop.

“Shannon is WONDERFUL. She provided an incredibly special and safe place to do this work, which is so important. I will definitely take future workshops led by Shannon.
I’ve been inspired and empowered to think differently about what I want out of my life. I’m grateful for the opportunity, and humbled and changed from this experience.

– Courtney Burke, Compliance Consultant at Milliman

I’ve attended two of Shannon’s workshops and greatly enjoyed them. She uses her gift of coaching to put on wonderful events for introverts, and the coaching exercises she has created are very insightful.

– Meghan O’Brien, VP of Operations at Sound Critical Care

I’ve attended several of Shannon’s workshops, and one of the biggest benefits is always clarity.
“I show up with a jumble of thoughts, opinions, and questions in my head and Shannon’s process and coaching is so helpful in breaking it all down—knowing where to start, walking us through the steps to divide up what’s useful versus what’s not, and determining what to do next.
“I’ve also gained good perspective on how common or uncommon my thoughts are (almost always common) and hearing how others in the group dealt with their challenges gave me some ideas on how I could apply their thought process to my particular situation.

– Kat Semonchuk, Sr. Financial Analyst

I loved taking this goal-setting workshop! I saw another friend RSVP for it on Facebook and had to try it.

“Shannon is AWESOME. She led us through the different stages of goal setting, giving us time to write down our thoughts for each stage.

“This workshop was both incredibly insightful and very fun. It showed me the importance of taking time to reflect on your past and on your values when setting goals for the future. I can’t wait to see what other workshops Shannon offers in the future!

“A few weeks after the workshop I also had an individual coaching session with Shannon which was equally awesome, and I strongly recommend it.