Walking Into Worthiness

Iam sitting outside on my balcony feeling worthy. Not for anything I’ve done or will do. Simply for who I am.

Sound strange? Believe me, it feels stranger for me than it may sound to you.

I am in the midst of a worthiness battle. This is a battle against myself and no one else, and in this moment I am winning. This could change within the next ten minutes, and my goal is to sit inside this intensely beautiful feeling of worthiness so I can remember what it feels like the next time my inner critic kicks in and tries to convince me otherwise.

One of my values is to put others first and I think that in striving to do this, I got the method a little mixed up. I’ve made putting others first mean they’re worthier. And in the process, this has created the belief that I’m less worthy.

As I become more and more aware of this, I’m realizing how deeply it has affected my entire life. Feeling not good enough has become a familiar place. I can get there in a split second before I even know I’ve been transported, and it takes me much, much longer (and quite often some coaching!) to leave.

The best coaches have a coach themselves, and I’ve been working with an incredible coach once a week. Our sessions never begin with the worthiness issue but they almost always end there, and each question and insight she provides is a gift that is leading me to the greater gift of becoming whole.

As I sit here and reflect on all that I’ve learned and unlearned just in the past two months, I’m feeling as much gratitude as worthiness. I’ve been on a personal journey for over six years now, but beginning my life coaching journey has accelerated my growth in ways I could never have anticipated.

I became a life coach to give the gifts of breakthroughs and understanding and becoming who they were designed to be to everyone who crosses my path. This is the one thing I can’t not do, and I know I was created to do this. What I didn’t know is how life changing it would be to work with a coach myself. I’ve worked through so many layers I didn’t know existed, and have let go of some toxic baggage I didn’t realize I was carrying.

I also didn’t expect the gifts my clients would give me as I learn from the work they’re doing and am continually inspired by their insights. Everyone is your teacher, and your student.

I would love to support your journey as your coach. To use the lessons I’ve learned and the tools I’ve developed to help you identify what is holding you back from becoming the person you were created to be. To schedule a free consultation, just send me a message.


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