How to Overcome the Weight of Overwhelm

It’s so easy to give into the weight of overwhelm. It’s one of my default emotions and I go there often, whenever I feel like I can’t do something or I can’t get it all done or I can’t get there on time.

I’ve learned that overwhelm is never part of an intentional response, only a reaction that feels like it’s overtaking me in tidal waves.

As an introvert, I live inside my head a lot, keeping most of my thoughts inside. My day is filled with a steady stream of thoughts swirling around in my head, and those can sometimes turn into a tornado of my own creation.

Speaking those thoughts to someone else doesn’t typically help at all – they’re generally too jumbled when I say them out loud to make sense to anyone, which becomes even more frustrating – but writing works wonders. I love writing myself through a storm of overwhelm, right through to the clarity on the other side.

And that’s the beauty of it.

Regaining Perspective

I’ve created this storm, so the clarity is still there. I just need to zoom out far enough to see it. Most importantly, because the feeling of overwhelm is caused by a series of thoughts, the most powerful solution is to change those thoughts into one that is much more supportive and will create a more positive feeling.

No one likes to feel overwhelmed, but most of us do want to feel peace, contentment, joy, and gratitude. That last one is the key to changing the way you feel in almost every situation, and practicing gratitude in the midst of overwhelm is a guaranteed way to begin to create an inner shift toward the way you want to feel.

Creating A Different Result

It’s all about choice and recognizing that you do have a choice in the way you feel at any given moment. Our thoughts create our feelings which ultimately creates our result, proving that initial thought to be true. That’s why it’s so important to be aware of our thoughts.

Instead of defaulting to the “I can’t” thoughts that come so easily, we have the ability to move toward feelings of peace by turning those thoughts around to ones that ring so much truer: I will get it all done – I always do; I am always able to learn whatever I need to know; I can ask for help and delegate; I actually don’t have to get this all done tonight!

Our brains naturally create superhighways to default emotions like overwhelm, and building new ones takes time and practice. But it’s so worth it, because of the impact it will have on the way we feel.

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