A Word That Will Change Everything in 2018

As part of my goal-setting process at the start of each new year, I choose a word. Well, to be completely accurate, this word really chooses me.

I began this ritual in 2013 with the words ‘trust’ and ‘risk’. (Yes, I picked two ― I’m a life-long overachiever!)

What followed was a year of opportunities to trust and take risks, building the foundation for all of the annual words that would follow.

Five years later, I’ve discovered that choosing a word is signing up for learning how to live it on the deepest level, and it will shape the upcoming year’s challenges.

It’s A Life-Long Journey

But it’s also signing up for a life-long journey with this word because it doesn’t end when I ring in the next new year. It continues to create lessons that deepen even further with the words that follow.

My word for 2014 was faith, 2015 was love, 2016 was dream, and 2017 was worthy. The latter was, by far, the most difficult lesson to learn, and also the most important.

“Not worthy” is my inner critic’s most prominent message, and while I made significant progress over the course of this year, changing my thoughts and neurological patterns in this area will be a lifelong quest.

For this reason, I wasn’t at all surprised when a few weeks ago, ‘enough’ clearly surfaced as my word for 2018. Since I still have my work cut out for me in the worthiness department, ‘enough’ seemed like the logical next step.

But then I began sensing that my word for 2018 is supposed to be focused on others not me.

It’s About Others

It’s December 30th as a write this, and until a few hours ago, I still didn’t have my others-focused word. I’ve been expecting it to pop into my head long before now, which in hindsight is ridiculous, given the non-stop busyness of the holiday season this year.

As I sat on the plane back to LA, I was finally able to create the mental space that I needed  and the response I received hit me with a swirl of intense emotion.

My word for 2018 is enough, but it’s not about me being enough. It’s about others being enough.

I’m still feeling in awe of the magnitude of this.

My tendency to believe that I’m not enough or worthy in certain situations does not start or end with me. It carries over into my expectations of others, so that suddenly they aren’t enough in my eyes, either. And I tend to do this with the people I love the most.

I Am Enough ― And So Are You

So as I continue my journey into knowing that I am worthy, just as I am, with everything that I uniquely bring into the world, my focus expands to include those around me.

How freeing this will be, as I work toward full acceptance of others, just as they are. It’s stirring up that initial swirl of emotion all over again, which is part of how I know this is right.

I invite you to join me by choosing your own word for 2018. If you’d like to be guided through this process in a unique way that will also help you set your intentions for the New Year, schedule a complimentary goal-setting session.

I’d love to help you make 2018 your year ― a year of growth, impact, elevated confidence, and transformation.

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