How to Balance Your Drive with Self-Care

Do you already feel behind before you even open your eyes in the morning? How often do you go through your day feeling overwhelmed, knowing that nothing will ever be enough?

“I didn’t get enough sleep.” “I’m already running late for work.” “There aren’t nearly enough hours in the day to make a dent in my never-ending To Do list.”

This inner dialogue dominates our thoughts all day.

“Too busy” is becoming a damaging social norm as the pace of our lives continues to accelerate, convincing us that we’ll never catch up.

We push ourselves at the expense of self-care and miss so many of life’s most beautiful moments as we careen toward burnout, completely out of control.

Although you may be convinced that this is just the way it has to be, this frenzied pace is simply not sustainable – or the least bit healthy.

The stress will take a toll on our bodies, the moments we’re missing will turn into regret, and we will eventually burn out, likely at the most “inconvenient” time.

The Introverted Implication

For introverts, the impact is amplified because we simply aren’t wired to race through our lives.

We need time to reset and recharge to be at our best and will suffer from an introvert hangover (yes, this is a thing!) if our social battery is depleted.

We desire a deep level of connection that isn’t easily achieved as it is, and spending too much time in a rushed, stressed out state can make this almost impossible.

When introverts don’t get the meaningful interaction we crave, we can feel unfulfilled on every level — and this affects our professional life as well.

Many of us spend our workdays deep inside of our heads, intrinsically motivated and driven to achieve.

Our drive is healthy, and a necessary ingredient for success. But its long-term impact on our fulfillment levels can be canceled out if we allow ourselves to continually burn out.

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